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If you wanted to watch all your Playboy TV shows on your computer, that is finally made possible by PlayboyTV. There are 75 Playboy shows and this is like being able to watch them all at a low monthly price rather than pay an amount per show. The updates here come in bunches and it is even possible to get more than one update per day.

Playboy is a recognized name in the world of adult since the have been making girls famous for a long time now. You know you are going to get nothing but quality videos and pictures from them so prepare for nothing but the best. There are loads of details for each scene including description, run time and the exact file size. It is too bad some of the episodes only offer a few shows which means you won’t be able to get the entire series. 

If you love collecting the Playboy magazine then there is no doubt you are going to love every second of this TV show. It offers high quality action with some nice story telling. The girls here just don’t have lovely bodies but they also have some nice acting skills to show for. You could not wait for these TV shows to get to the money part and that is the part where the models would take off all their clothes. It is a good thing it does not take long before that happens. When you look at the older videos, you will find out some videos don’t really have that good of a quality.

It is such a shame because you should be looking forward to these huge archives. These Playboy TV trial videos would prove that you don’t have any dysfunction in your penis as you are going to get harder than you have ever been. MP4 is the only file format supported here so you must make sure that you have a player that supports this format or you won’t be able to play anything.

Naughty America

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If there is one reason I would want to become a citizen of America, it is the women. There is no secret I love the women here and they do have some slender bodies. Naughty America is an amazing network that has an active community. There are loads of active threads in the message board as the people here sure know how to voice his opinion. The updates here come in bunches as you can expect a couple of new scenes everyday.

There are 6031 photo sets and each one can be saved into a Zip file. The pictures can also be viewed in a slideshow. There are 2080 models here which is less than what comes with the New Sensations deal, but at least they are all smoking hot. Everything here is exclusive to the site so you won’t find the stuff here in any other porn site which is what attracts a lot of people to become members here. There are 6031 scenes here and they can all be downloaded in several formats including two MP4 files. They can also be saved in a Flash player for those who prefer to stream the scenes.

When you happen to wander on the archives, you will notice that the older scenes are not in high definition anymore. Since this is a large network, you can’t expect all the sites to be updating and that is exactly what happens. However, you can be sure that you are going to get something new everyday and the navigation on the entire site is pretty easy. There are currently 28 sites in this network and it is no secret that they are going to continue to grow.

Naughty America has been around since the late 90’s so they are just going to get stronger as time passes by. Their roster of stunning ladies are only going to help to that cause. You can also view interviews with the models so you can hear their beautiful voice. They talk about anything under the sun so that is something you are going to dig even if they are fully clothed. The Naughty America trial deal is something you are going to love and are surely going to get hard when these Americans take off their clothes.

Reality Kings

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Reality Kings is one of those porn sites that you just cannot help but fall in love with from the moment you land on their home page. These guys love to keep it as real as possible and you can see this in the style of movie that they make as well as their general approach to porn.

You see the overall feel that they are aiming for is to make porn that just seems entirely natural. You are not going to generally see a glossy finish, but instead they produce sites such as Euro Sex Party, Cum Fiesta, and MILF Hunter. Do not think for a minute that it is going to be poor quality since they are going for this type of porn because it is still very well produced and from a technical point of view it is brilliant, but it still manages to stay real and I love that about them.

Because you are getting access to 35 sites in total with the Reality Kings trial offer, it does then translate into a lot of porn to check out and in this instance you are looking at over 8000 different scenes. When you then add in the same number of photo galleries you can see that there is just no way that you are ever going to be bored.

For the actual action there is nothing special or different from what you will see elsewhere. You get the same positions and the same mix of style of performers, but the main thing is that they are all hot and horny and love to fuck on camera, so that just makes everything so much better.

Reality Kings is the kind of website that manages to just always offer you something all of the time. They update pretty much constantly, they produce high quality and enjoyable porn, and you get real value for money when it comes to your membership. If you do go ahead and join, prepare for them to never let you go and immerse you in their own particular brand of porn and filth.


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To me porn should always be about fun, even though I know some people prefer it to be erotic, and there is probably no other website out there that is as much fun as Brazzers. This company has been producing so much content over the last few years that they are now perhaps the most famous porn producers anywhere in the world and it is easy to see why when you check out what they have to offer.

This is not just one single site, but instead it is a porn network with you getting access to various sites that focus on certain genres of niches and of course you then get access to so much porn that you will not know how to deal with it kind of like the Evil Angel coupon package. The last time I looked they were closing in on 6000 scenes as well as the same number of photo sets and they update daily as well just in case you felt that this was not enough.

Of course I also have to comment on the pornstars that they use because they are seriously hot and they really know how to fuck as well. There is a good selection of girls to check out from blond with big tits, to small more petite women as well as girls of all ethnic backgrounds fucking for your pleasure. In actual fact, they have over 1400 different stars, so you never know who you might manage to come across or discover for the first time ever.

When we look at the actual Brazzers content itself, then it is well shot although the older stuff is a bit of a disappointment if we are being honest, but only from a technical point of view. The actual fucking is always first class and there is such a feeling of enthusiasm coming from the scenes that you just know that they are loving what they are doing.

For me, Brazzers is my undisputed home for porn as I never get tired of checking out what is on there and navigating my way through a massive website. There is so much to do that I always feel as if I am getting real value for money with my Brazzers trial membership and I know that if you too decide to join that you will end up feeling the exact same.


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When you get to the tour area of Twistys, you better not blink as there are some girls who will expose their titties right away. It won’t take long before your cock gets hard and that is really good. This network is really big as there are 17155 galleries. The pictures are in high resolution and they can all be saved into a Zip file. There are 6840 movies in the entire network and each one is 10 minutes long. They can all be streamed in a Flash player and downloaded through numerous formats. However, you won’t be able to save your favorites here as that is a darn shame.

The Twistys trial is limited too and there is no advanced search in sight in order to help you with what you are looking for. Since it is a big network, you can expect the updates to come pouring in everyday. Most of the stuff here is exclusive to the site though so you won’t be able to find them anywhere else.

The babes at Twistys are so hot that you would not remember your name anymore after you the girls here would suck a lot of dick until they can’t cum. It is worth noting that the quality of the latest high definition videos will stun you. The quality of the videos are so clear that you would think the girl is stripping right there in front of you. In a split second, you would want to go on a killing spree just because your dick told you to do that in order to get that girl. It is just the spur of the moment as it is hard to react to all the stuff that happened.

You would feel that it is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen despite all those tattoos that cover her body. It is like you will never see a girl like that so you would want to make the most out of the given opportunity. Good luck to that as you snap back to reality and realize you are just watching porn.

Playboy Plus

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While you are looking at Playboy Plus, you better make sure you are at home and not in a public place. You know your cock is going to get real hard and that is something you would not want anybody to see or else they would laugh at you because your dick is hard in the middle of nowhere. For example, it is the beach and you watch these videos and your cock gives the girl a standing ovation plus a bunch of girls in bikinis pass by for no reason whatsoever your cock becomes hard once again. You can’t blame yourself if you get hard in the sight of these hot girls who went through a long process.

However, if you are in front of many people then you may have a problem trying to tame your lion. You are going to get a bunch of softcore porn in this website though and that will be enough to satisfy any porn guy’s appetite. It is cool how these girls are having fun exposing themselves to the Playboy Plus members.

Since this is Playboy, you are going to get a lot other than pictures and videos. You are also going to get blogs where you can read about various topics. The topics here are not necessarily about sex as they can be about sports, celebrities and the latest movies. You won’t notice how fast time flies when you get to read these blogs. There are some interviews as well and you will find out how out of control these interviews can be. There are 6083 photo sets here and they can all be saved into a Zip file. There are 20 pictures in each set and they are in high resolution.

There are 6068 scenes here but they are only about 5 minutes each. They can all be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded into several formats so whichever works best for your player. It is too bad the videos are so short as that would probably not be enough time for you to get your cock as hard as a rock. Join using the Playboy Plus trial for the opportunity to try it without hurting that wallet of yours.

X Art

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You are going to feel great when you get to the homepage of X Art as everything will be easy from there. You will get everything you need and you will get what you want in just a matter of seconds due to the amazing search option. There are 625 photo sets here with 55 pictures each and all of them can be saved into a Zip file. There are 503 videos and all of them can be downloaded and streamed on an embedded player. They can be downloaded through 5 MP4 formats. The quality of the photos here are really nice and you can tell the photographers here really take their work seriously.

They know their reputation is on the line if they do something that is sub par. The X Art models can be seen posing in some nice poses and you know the photographers instructed them to do that. You are like touring different countries when you take a look at the ladies here because there is almost one representative from each country. They all have one thing in common and that is they look really nice naked and you would want to fuck them in the ass when you got the chance.

There are no watermarks on the pictures and that is always a good thing because they can sometimes distract you when you are busy jacking off your enormous cock. Their update schedule is steady as they now went to 3 updates a week from doing it to once a week before. It is a nice schedule as they are not in a hurry to put up a lot of content on their website. They just want to make it known that they will still be updating no matter what happens and that is good news for their members. This is one of those sites that will stand out because of the fine photos here.

You are certainly going to masturbate multiple times as your cock will give the ladies on X Art a standing ovation.

Digital Playground

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If the teaser at Digital Playground does not make your jaw drop then I don’t know what will. The members won’t be complaining about updates anytime soon since the page gets updated about 6 to 8 times a week. However, they should do more work when it comes to the search tool as they only allow the basic keyword tags here. They have a nice model index here as some of the names are familiar as well. It is one of the better model indexes you will ever see as the only thing missing here is links to their social networking sites. Since the owners of the site are working hard, there is no doubt you will see that soon.

There are 503 scenes on Digital Playground and they are 100 minutes each but the problem is they can only be streamed and not downloaded. That is such a shame so you must have a good Flash player on your computer to watch them right away. If you are horny then that won’t be a problem.

There are 1500 galleries here with over 80 pictures each. There is also a live chat for members to interact with the models and with each other in case you are bored. If you want to have a permanent copy of the videos then you are going to have to buy a copy of the DVDs. However, if you are one of those guys who want to shoot your load after downloading the videos then there is no doubt you would want to download the videos but that just is not possible. For the pictures, there is a basic slideshow option but other than that you are going to be disappointed because there are no other options other than that.

It is going to be bad that there is no option to download the pictures to Zip files as a lot of fans would prefer it that way. There is a lot of hardcore action at Digital Playground and the DVDs can be viewed in chunks. The scenes here were well shot so you know amateurs were not involved here but professionals who knew what they were doing when they made this.


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One of the main sites of BangBros network is Bang Bus. This is one site that has been popular for decades. You can admit they made heaps of improvements when they first came on before starting from the lighting as the videos were so dark before as they wanted to give you that amateur feel when they were pretending to capture young females at Miami. The videos start when a couple of dudes go around the city searching for a female to pick up. When they find one, they pretend they are film students who are searching for a girl to interview.

When they get the girl to come to the bus with them, they crack some jokes and offer her money to strip naked and have sex with another dude. The guy who is holding the camera is the one doing all the talking but his face is never shown but he does have a nice voice and it is convincing enough for the girls to ride the bang bus. The entire thing is obviously staged as some girls can be seen in other porn sites. 

There are some BangBros girls who give you that amateur feel as they make you wonder whether or not the entire thing is scripted. In the end, the girls don’t win at all as the bus drops them off in the middle of nowhere. There are even times when the guys end up with her wallet and you have to feel sorry for her because of that.

It is all in the name of giving the site member a bunch of laughs and erection at the same time even though it is hard to maintain your erection when you are laughing so hard. There are times when they managed to pick up a Chinese girl and sometimes Jamaican chick joins in on the mayhem. Most of the videos are now available in high definition and that is going to make the experience so sweet. BangBros is exciting in more ways that one.

Mr Skin

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If you got a celebrity crush then you can bet Mr Skin has all her nude scenes at his website. There are a lot of celebrities covered in this site and has shown no signs of slowing down. There is a even a Mr Skin minute every week where MrSkin gives us all an update on the celebrities that decided to show some skin either on TV or the big screen. You have to love and it won’t take long before you get a hard on in this website. The background music is very sleek and it won’t stop you from getting horny in this site.

Mr Skin has a big archive and they have nude scenes that date way back from 5 decades ago. If there is one retired celebrity that you really wondered whether she showed some skin or not in her career then Mr Skin has the answer for you. They put daily updates out so you would get excited in this site. 

There are some TV shows here that have some nude scenes well into the middle. Thanks to Mr Skin, you won’t have to watch those TV shows anymore just to see the good parts as MrSkin would let you fast forward to the part you have been meaning to watch. You won’t have to buy a movie just to see a nude scene that is only a couple of minutes long when you can see that particular scene in this website. As expected, there is a long list of celebrities here from the A list ones down to the unpopular ones. This is without a doubt one site you will love because of all the nude scenes here and they are uncensored.

There are some scenes that were cut from the movies that can only be seen in the DVD extras of the same movie. Mr Skin lists all those things down and you never thought you would see these scenes again. You are going to get an instant erection just from seeing your celebrities go down and dirty.